Theatre Review: Elevate // Open Theatre

Elevate, which showed at the Pyramid Theatre at Leeds University last week, made use of space and character in a bold and interesting way, with fantastic results. This should come as a surprise to nobody; the range of societies and groups putting on shows at the university are developing a well deserved reputation for their […]Read More

Theatre Review: The Aventures of Time Warp Tammy // Open

The Adventures of Time Warp Tammy, written and directed by Céline Nyssens, was a fascinating exploration of mental health, isolation and the commitments we all have to each other. Above all, though, it was a critical examination of the tendency for straight white men to see themselves as a protagonist whilst everyone else’s feelings, thoughts […]Read More

Some Men Just Want to Watch the World Burn: What’s

Today may well go down in history as the day that the final nail went into our planet’s already rotting coffin. A shock result  has returned the right wing Liberal-National Coalition to government in Australia. This is terrible news for everyone, everywhere. Scott Morrison, the man to be returned as Prime Minister, is an avowed […]Read More