5 Albums to Enhance Your Quarantine Routine

I really don’t need to tell or remind you that we’re living in strange times. If you’re anything like me, you became completely desensitised to the word ‘unprecedented’ a month ago, and between the Zooms and painstaking celebrity live streams have been attempting to find some sense of escapism in the dystopia we now call normalcy. […]Read More

Theatre Review: Little Women // Music Theatre

Despite being around 150 years old, Louisa May Alcott’s novel, Little Women, has never been more in the limelight. Regardless of its Oscar snubs, Greta Gerwig’s star-studded adaptation of the classic tale gained wide critical acclaim towards the end of 2019, and the year closed with Little Women being my favourite film of the year. […]Read More

What on Earth is Happening in Sudan?

The sea of blue display pictures on both Instagram and Twitter have caused much confusion over the past couple of weeks, and with the UK media reporting the absolute bare minimum on the Sudanese crisis, it’s easy to understand why. The particular shade of indigo was the favourite colour of 26-year-old Mohammed Hashim Mattar, who, […]Read More