The Films of Christopher Nolan: A Top 10 by Chris

With the release of the much anticipated Tenet almost upon us, Chris Burns gives us a breakdown of the iconic director Christopher Nolan’s eclectic career. 10 – Following (1998) It’s interesting to see a Christopher Nolan film wear its influences on its sleeve as much as Following does. Looking like a cross between early Hitchcock and […]Read More

Album Review: After Hours // The Weeknd

There’s two voices on The Weeknd’s new album After Hours. It only dawns on you halfway through that there’s now a duality and a conflict to Abel Tesfaye. Ever since 2011’s Trilogy mixtape, The Weeknd’s sombre marque of self destruction, casual sex and Class A’s has become a hallmark for the Canadian singer. However, After Hours sees Tesfaye stripping […]Read More

Track Review: No Time to Die // Billie Eilish

You were my life but life is far away from fair  Billie Eilish isn’t messing around. The 18 year-old’s hugely awaited Bond song, ‘No Time To Die’, dropped this morning and the most immediate takeaway is just how uncompromising the song is. ‘No Time To Die’ manages to walk the line between being very Bond […]Read More

Top TV of the Decade: Atlanta

Welcome to The Indiependent’s Top TV of the Decade! Christopher Burns takes us through why Donald Glover’s Atlanta made his list… As its creator once put “I’m not making a TV show, I am making an experience”, Atlanta has transformed over the course of its two seasons. Donald Glover’s show about four African-Americans finding their […]Read More

My Life in Films: Chris Burns

Titanic  Dir: James Cameron This list probably could’ve been entirely made up of James Cameron’s 1980/90’s output. I was 11 years old and in the run-up to the release I recorded a special making-of documentary on VHS and I watched it over and over until I finally got to see the film itself on the cinema. I […]Read More