Punk and Politics: Nobody Has Complete Control

What even is this ‘punk’ thing, anyway? If there’s any musical genre that’s truly transcended the boundaries mere of sound and come to represent a set of ideals – even a lifestyle – then surely it has to be punk. Even the word ‘punk’ is more than just an adjective to describe music. It’s also […]Read More

Track Review: King Street // Talk More

Dream-pop newcomers Talk More have certainly been reading from the Wolf Alice playbook when it comes to their new single ‘King Street’. From the booming fuzz of the guitars to the honeyed melody that overlays them, listeners familiar with the genre will struggle to find much originality in the band’s most recent offering. This being […]Read More

The Glorious Gladiatorial Arena of Labour Factions

Suffering a decade out of power and in dire straits, the Labour party has recently adopted an innovative new electoral strategy. It is a party characterised by division; the boundaries between factions are marked by scars. What it has elected to do, then, is plug its fingers very firmly and deeply into those scars, tearing […]Read More