New Study Reveals The Smelliest Places In London

Pestering smells can be a reliable indicator of underlying safety issues and hazards, as well as a source of discomfort for inhabitants and passersby. In fact, the UK government considers them a “statutory nuisance”. Residents are even able to file claims to their councils for scents that can “substantially interfere with the use or enjoyment […]Read More

China’s New National Security Law for Hong Kong

While the world was distracted with the coronavirus pandemic, China made a move on Hong Kong. The familiar sights of now masked protesters in the streets was triggered by a new national security law proposed by Chinese authorities for the territory. The ramifications of this bill, which bypasses local legislators, has provoked reactions around the […]Read More

The Unsatisfactory Aftermath of the Grenfell Tower Fire

Seventy-two lives were taken by the flames that engulfed Grenfell Tower in the early hours of June 14th 2017. Three years on, survivors and bereaved still await answers and results to guarantee safer housing. Remembering the victims of Grenfell Tower in the context of the coronavirus pandemic and Black Lives Matter protests has reaffirmed the […]Read More