A History Of The HFPA And Golden Globes’ Diversity Issue

Drunk hosts and misplaced nominees often made the Golden Globes the joke of award season. However, endless scandals regarding its lack of diversity may have become the awards’ defining characteristic. How did they reach this sad state of affairs? Much of this criticism is tied directly to the members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association […]Read More

‘Locked Down’ — A Failed Attempt To Capture The Zeitgeist:

Muddled, shallow and misguided. Hollywood’s first attempt at a COVID movie is frustrating to watch, mainly because of its unoriginal premise and disappointing execution. Locked Down follows two people who, despite their decision to break up, are living together during the first two weeks of the national lockdown. The film stars Anne Hathaway and Chiwetel […]Read More

‘The Banishing’ — Dolls Aren’t As Scary As They Used

Too restrained to be fun and too superficial to be chilling, The Banishing is a dull film that feels much longer than its 97 minutes. Elisabetta Pulcini reviews. The Banishing follows a young family formed by Marianne (Jessica Brown Findlay), her daughter Adelaide (Anya McKenna-Bruce) and her husband Linus (John Heffernan), a vicar, as they […]Read More

‘The Reunited States’ Is An Earnest, If Naïve, Call For

Biting satire is the norm in contemporary political discourse. So while The Reunited States may not turn many heads, its energetic subjects and earnest message make for a pleasant watch. Elisabetta Pulcini reviews. Directed by Ben Rekhi, The Reunited States is a documentary that follows individuals who go beyond party lines to reconnect with their […]Read More

‘Foster Boy’ — A Misguided Message: Review

Foster Boy is deprived of emotional depth by choosing to become a predictable courtroom drama instead of an exploration of trauma of its title character. Michael Trainer, a corporate lawyer, is forced to represent Jamal. The young man is in a legal battle with a for-profit foster agency that placed him in a dangerous situation. […]Read More

Trailer Released For Pixar’s ‘Luca’

Sun and sea-monsters abound in the first trailer for Luca, which has been hotly anticipated since announced in July. Luca is set in the beautiful seaside town of Riviera, Italy, where 13-year-old Luca Paguro lives with his friend Alberto Scorfano. In addition to enjoying a life of leisurely adventures, the two have to disguise the […]Read More

‘The Little Things’ — A Painfully Outdated Bore: Review

The Little Things is written and directed by John Lee Hancock (The Founder). It follows Deacon (Denzel Washington) and Baxter (Rami Malek), two detectives investigating a series of murders of young women. As they get deeper into the case, Deacon gets pulled back into a world he had to leave under mysterious circumstances. The film’s […]Read More

Interview: Emanuela Rossi on Women, Fatherhood and Religion

Emanuela Rossi, director of Darkness, explores the themes that have inspired her first feature, as well as the film’s prophetic nature. Darkness was released in 2019, when Covid was still an unexplored threat, lurking in the background. So, the first striking theme of the film is its resemblance to our current situation. In fact, it’s […]Read More

‘Darkness’ — A Strangely Prophetic Experiment: Review

Director Emanuela Rossi delivers Darkness with impeccable timing and clear intention. Through a use of a genre uncharacteristic of today’s Italian cinema, she creates a film that is strangely prophetic and largely effective. Darkness begins in a world in which women are not allowed to leave the house. 17-year-old Stella and her two younger sisters, […]Read More