Track Review: Flawed Design // Thrillhouse

Brighton trio Thrillhouse are kicking off 2021 with an ’80s-inspired dance party with their latest indie-pop banger ‘Flawed Design’. Camping out in their bedrooms, the band churn out track after track of retro pop. Don’t be fooled into thinking that being retrospective means the band aren’t original; each and every tune of theirs holds its […]Read More

Song of the Week: ‘Maybe (I Don’t Know Yet)’ //

Even though 2021 is currently not going to plan, one band you can rely on for consistently feel-good hits is Swedish five-piece Coral the Color. While everyone else seemed to have ended 2020 on a bit of a downer—especially here in the UK thanks to lockdown 3.0—Coral the Color’s spirit remained as enthusiastic as ever. Their latest […]Read More

EP Review: Daydream’s Past // Sourface

As Daydream’s Past suggests, Sourface are a band looking retrospectively – but their music is far from outdated. The band are influenced by many genres, from indie and jazz, to bossa nova – a style of samba music originating in Brazil in the 50s and 60s. With their nostalgia-soaked tracks, Sourface are about as eccentric and brilliant […]Read More