JustWatch’s Top 10 Movies Of 2020 Features An Unexpected Revival

The international streaming guide JustWatch recently released their list of the Top 10 films streamed in the UK from 2020. Surprisingly, the 2011 film Contagion found itself an unexpected contender amongst other, more recent releases.  Contagion, which centres around a deadly virus as it spreads across the world, ranked 8th overall on the JustWatch list. […]Read More

Television and the Return of TV News

In 2021, waiting until the nine o’clock news to turn on the TV and find out the events of the day seems like a quaint, outdated activity. With various news apps on your smartphone giving you constant breaking news updates and social media sites like Twitter feeding you every possible fact or opinion on an […]Read More

Interview: BERRIES

Talking to the girls from BERRIES, we realised early on that we are all pretty new to this. The three piece, riff-driven garage rock group made up of Holly, Lauren and Lucie have only been signed to London-based label Xtra Mile Recordings in November, but can already feel things changing for them. “It’s all happening […]Read More