Track Review: Visitor // Of Monsters and Men

As part of their ten year anniversary project, Of Monsters and Men released ‘Visitor’ in September. I have been a fan of Of Monsters and Men since 2012 with the release of My Head is an Animal – my mum and I had that album on repeat everyday in the kitchen for months. Their sound […]Read More

Track Review: Record Stores // Leanne Tennant

Leanne Tenant’s track ‘Record Stores’ will feel nostalgic and relatable for most music lovers. The song, in its beautiful, stripped back, acoustic way, unpacks the importance of music when she is navigating hard days and periods of life. For me, music plays a massive part in helping me through difficult patches with my mental health […]Read More

Track Review: Cherry Love Dreams // ELLE

ELLE, the upcoming Australian pop duo, recently released the singles ‘Cherry Love Dreams’ and ‘Siren’. When commenting on their newest release st. James, the singer of ELLE, comments “Each song feels like a time capsule for specific moments in my life”, adding that they’re different from their previous “tightly produced pop singles”. ELLE’s transition into a more […]Read More

Single Review: Breton Stripe // Saint Saviour

Saint Saviour’s latest release ‘Breton Stripe’ was released at the end of last month. Along with four other singles, ‘Breton Stripe’ will appear on her upcoming album Tomorrow Again. This song is expertly crafted with moments of softness, melancholy and frustration with a stunning blend of instruments; it is both personal and powerful.  ‘Breton Stripe’ […]Read More

Single Review: Summer (and a sunny side of you) //

The indie-folk duo Stables released an acoustic single, ‘Summer (and a sunny side of you)’, on 12th June. The track feels gloriously sunny and relaxed with its stripped back, beachy sound. The vocals seamlessly blend with the acoustic guitar, inviting the listener to reminisce on past summers. The repeated line “Katie always said I was […]Read More

Single Review: Grounds // IDLES

Although ‘Grounds’ has been in the pipeline for a while and played at shows on IDLES’ last tour, the song’s recent release on June 16th feels very apt and relevant right now.  In alignment with the band’s recent fundraising and support of the Black Lives Matter movement and protests, the lyrics in ‘Grounds’ express solidarity […]Read More