Loud, Proud, and Making Weird Sounds: Ya Boi

In recent years much more has been done to ensure the existence of safe spaces for LGBTQ+ folk. Whether literal or abstract, bars, bookshops and genres have emerged to tell different stories and to help amplify queer voices. One such space can be found within the world of left-field pop music, which many LGBTQ+ artists — […]Read More

Album Review: how i’m feeling now // Charli XCX

Covid-19 has had polarising effects on creatives. While some are understandably finding the stress and bleakness of the current climate stifling to their productivity and creativity, others have found themselves inspired. This is the case for Charli XCX who, in just a month, has created one of the first “quarantine albums”: a record wholly inspired […]Read More

Album Review: Future Nostalgia // Dua Lipa

With so many albums postponed by COVID-19, many music fans will be feeling frustrated and disappointed. It is understandable why many artists are choosing to delay, but the excitement and, most of all, escapism, that these releases offer is needed now more than ever. Despite what is now bound to be a disappointing spring for […]Read More

Album Review: Healer // Grouplove

In these dark and uncertain times, we are all in need of a little hope and positivity. I was keen to listen to a new Grouplove album embodying the ethos of “aiming to fight hopelessness”, not only for the thematic bent, but because Grouplove were one of my favourite bands at sixteen. I grew up […]Read More

Film Review: Parasite

Focusing on the rich Park family and the poor Kim family who concoct a scheme to find jobs working for the Parks, Bong Joon Ho’s latest film Parasite is as much a film about architecture and levels as it is about the lives of families in different classes. The first shot we see is of […]Read More

Top TV of the Decade: Adventure Time

Welcome to The Indiependent’s Top TV of the Decade! In this feature, Emma Reilly looks at the enduring, subversive Adventure Time… First airing on Cartoon Network in 2010 and airing its final episode in September 2018, Adventure Time is often seen as a nostalgic childhood favourite for many people, but also as a current favourite […]Read More

Music to cry to: songs that help us through heartbreak

Heartbreak always sucks. It’s just one of the universal truths. Even if you’ve found yourself falling out of love; even if you know ending a relationship is for the best; even if a relationship ended on good terms and you agreed to be friends, the pain of a heartbreak is unfortunately something that is sadly […]Read More

Track Review: The Archer // Taylor Swift

When I first saw the muted pastel promotions for Taylor Swift’s upcoming album Lover, I was hopeful for a mature synth-based album, one that would be a landmark of Swift’s growth as an artist and as a person. Now, with the release of her song ‘The Archer’ and three songs into her promotional cycle, I […]Read More

Live Nation’s ticket scalp scam shows we need to seek

The music industry’s battle with ticket touts has been a vicious and seemingly never ending one. There have been countless opinion pieces by music journalists on their immorality and major artists such as Ed Sheeran have warned their fans of the exploitative practices of ticket touts and launched schemes to avert fans from buying from […]Read More

Dear Netflix: Minority-Led Shows can Reach the Majority

Animation has always been a source of joy for me. As someone with an overactive imagination and a longing to find the surreality within reality, I have always found that watching animation gave me a sense of belonging even in the most unfamiliar of territories. Often, the alien worlds of the cartoons I watch feel […]Read More