Ranking The Characters of ‘The Serpent’

This month’s BBC drama The Serpent has at once filled me with a sense of despairing wanderlust and made me terrified of ever leaving my parents’ house, let alone the country, again. The mini-series follows the true story of ‘the Bikini Killer’, Charles Sobhraj, who throughout the 1970s robbed and murdered at least twelve young […]Read More

If Winona Thought ‘Reality Bites’ in 1994, She Should Try

Reality Bites kicks off with the queries most students have as they face the cliff-drop of graduation and real adulthood- “But the question remains” starts valedictorian Lelaina Pierce, played by 90s it-girl and Queen of Grunge, Winona Ryder, “what are we going to do now? How can we repair all the damage we inherited? Fellow graduates, […]Read More