My Pride Month Reading List: 6 Black LGBTQ+ Authors to

We would not have Pride without Black activists. Stormé DeLarverie – a lesbian and drag performer – was one of the key figures in the Stonewall riots. Arrested and beaten by police, DeLarverie incited the crowd by asking: “why don’t you do something?”. Marsha P. Johnson – a trans woman and drag queen – was […]Read More

What Does the Future Hold for LGBTQ+ Spaces?

It is easy to feel bleak about the future of queer spaces. According to UCL research, 58% of LGBTQ+ bars in London closed their doors between 2006 -2016. The main reason for this was found to be development, the sanitisation and gentrification of the capital. And London isn’t the only place that has been affected; […]Read More