Sam Mendes And Olivia Colman To Team Up For ‘Empire

Following on from his impressive ‘one take’ war film 1917, Sam Mendes is gearing up for his next feature film. Mendes is taking a step back from his more action-heavy films like 1917, Spectre and Skyfall with his upcoming picture, titled Empire of Light. It will be a love story about and around a beautiful old cinema on the South Coast […]Read More

‘Lucky’ — Breaking The Cycle Of Violence: Review

Slasher films are nothing new. Time-loop films are nothing new. Hell, even slasher time-loop films are nothing new. But what is new is the latest film by director Natasha Kermani, Lucky. Lucky follows business writer May, who finds herself trapped in a cycle of constant violence as a masked figure attempts to kill her each and […]Read More

‘Greenland’ — A Comet-ment To Family: Review

Surprisingly poignant and fairly effective, Greenland is one of Gerard Butler’s more successful action outings. George Bell reviews. Is Greenland the country where Gerard Butler collects his paychecks from the sheer number of bad films he had starred in? Turns out, much to my surprise, Greenland is his latest film and even more to my surprise, it isn’t actually […]Read More

Is Television The Future Of Entertainment?

Read George’s previous piece on ‘The Progression of Modern Television’ here. For the longest time, it has been the general consensus that movies are made to a higher quality than television. It seemed like one of life’s key truths, up there with the likes of “toasters make bad bath companions” and “don’t eat an orange […]Read More

Steven Soderbergh Is Developing A ‘Contagion’ Sequel

Contagion director Steven Soderbergh is reuniting with the film’s screenwriter for a “philosophical” sequel to the original 2011 movie Contagion? That’ll never catch on Despite being nine years old, Contagion returned with a vengeance as one of the most discussed films of 2020. The reason behind the pandemic thriller spreading like a virus was, well […]Read More

Marvel – Old Heroes, New Series

Stemming the misery of 2020, if only for a moment, the Disney Investor Day was truly a day to behold, with truckloads upon truckloads of new content announced to look forward to in the coming years. But in the stream of new faces added to the MCU in shows like Moonknight and Ms Marvel, it […]Read More

‘Ava’ Already Forgotten About This Film: Review

After countless films have been delayed thanks to COVID-19, the arrival of a new one feels like a momentous occasion—even for standard ‘Netflick’ fare. So, I went into Ava with no expectations other than ‘woo new film!’. I should have just stuck with an old one. Ava follows Jessica Chastain as the titular assassin who, […]Read More

Joaquin Phoenix In Talks To Star In Ari Aster’s ‘Beau

Despite winning an Oscar earlier this year, Joaquin Phoenix isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. The star of 2019’s Joker is rumoured to be in talks to star in the latest horror film from Hereditary and Midsommar director Ari Aster, titled Beau is Afraid. While Ari Aster does only have two feature films to […]Read More

Spike Lee Is Making A Musical About Viagra

Life has been hard enough at the moment, but it looks like Spike Lee is in the market for making it even harder with his latest project: a musical about everyone’s favourite impotence drug, Viagra. A stark change from Lee’s last film Da 5 Bloods, the musical is based on the David Kushner Esquire article All Rise: The […]Read More

Adam Sandler Heads to Space with ‘Chernobyl’ Director

In space, no one may be able to hear you scream, but you can certainly see some high-quality content. Adam Sandler is the latest star to break orbit with a new Netflix space drama. It’s finally happening. Sandler has been a pair of twins, a cowboy and an Oscar-snubbed actor, so the only next step […]Read More

Sandra Oh Cast in Supernatural Horror ‘Umma’

The star of hit shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Killing Eve, Sandra Oh, looks to have found her next project in Iris K. Shim’s upcoming supernatural horror film Umma. The film centres around Amanda (Oh) and her daughter who, while living a quiet life on an American farm, receive the remains of her estranged mother […]Read More

TV Review: ‘The Boys’ Are Back In Town For Season

In July of last year, before all the horrors of 2020 were unleashed on the world, Amazon released a little show called The Boys. Extreme violence, dark humour, and a subversion of the superhero genre made the show an instant hit and one of the tentpole shows for Amazon Prime. Since its release, The Boys has had everyone […]Read More