Are We Witnessing The Fall of Boohoo?

Over the last few years, a fashion revolution has been taking place. While the rest of the world speeds up, many in the fashion industry are trying to slow down and take time to create ethical, environmental, and sustainable fashion options. One brand who has been doing the opposite but still reaping benefits is Boohoo […]Read More

Harry Styles Is Standing On The Shoulders of Chiffon

Harry Styles has been breaking hearts since his debut on the X-Factor in 2010. He is not, however, breaking glass ceilings of gendered fashion as recently suggested by Caitlin Moran. His appearance on the cover of Vogue, December 2020, in a frock, was indeed something wonderful. It just was not an earth-shattering moment of genderless […]Read More

An Open Letter To Oliver Dowden

Dear Mr Dowden, Oliver – if you will.  I’m writing to you because, well, I have some questions. A few days ago, you expressed that you wanted theatres open by Christmas. You floated the idea of offering mass testing to audiences and therefore being able to scrap social distancing measures. Now, I feel like I’ve […]Read More

Theatre News: Cameron Mackintosh Cancels West End Theatre Until 2021

On Wednesday 17th June, Delfont Mackintosh Theatres released a statement from Cameron Mackintosh, the producer behind Les Miserables, The Phantom of the Opera and Hamilton, which has changed British theatre for the forseeable future. Theatres are to remain closed until 2021 at the earliest. Meanwhile, it has also been announced that the company is currently […]Read More