Book Review: Leonard and Hungry Paul // Rónán Hession

Kindness is rarely looked upon with fondness when it comes to art. It is a view due for an assessment that kind is often deemed synonymous with boring. Rónán Hession’s debut novel Leonard and Hungry Paul is an extraordinary gentle wonder. Hession is perhaps better known as the Irish blues musician Mumblin’ Deaf Ro, based […]Read More

‘Chewing Gum’ Takes 7 Years To Break Down, But This

Read our review of Coel’s I May Destroy You here. Michaela Coel’s name has been in circulation quite a bit over the past few weeks following the mammoth success of her new series I May Destroy You. As the writer, producer, director and lead actor in the piece, Coel’s twelve-episode series depicts the fallout and […]Read More

Theatre Review: Talking Heads // BBC

Theatre, as a platform, had to be completely reimagined in the age of COVID-19. With the arts and entertainment sectors taking a hit of a quarter of a year without investment, there is threat that up to 70% of theatres across the UK could be permanently shut down due to lack of funds. 50% of […]Read More

Book Review: Americanah // Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

For the past month, following the unlawful killing of George Floyd and under the keen instruction to “educate” ourselves about racism, book lists, watch lists and listen lists havebeen posted on every corner of the internet. Reni Eddo-Lodge’s ‘Why I’m No Longer Talkingto White People About Race’ temporarily went out of stock on amazon for […]Read More

Clash of the Titans: Noname and J. Cole Feud Explained

In-fighting is rarely productive for any cause. This is the exact point that Noname makes in her concise new release, ‘Song 33’.The #BlackLivesMatter movement has permeated beyond politics in recent weeks, but it has always had a home in America’s hip hop community which is dominated by POC. American rapper Noname has been extremely vocal […]Read More

TV Review: In ‘Kate Nash: Underestimate the Girl’, You Can

Kate Nash’s ‘Foundations’ defined 2007 as a year. As a ‘sleeper hit’, her debut release and the overnight fame that came with it winded the 20-year-old Nash. Born to an Irish mother and English father in Harrow, London, Nash’s first two decades of life were decidedly average, working in retail and as a waitress, wanting […]Read More

Carly Rae Jepsen releases Dedicated Side B

Carly Rae Jepsen is a bit of an anomaly when it comes to pop stardom. Highly under recognised by the mainstream, she is the girl next door of electro pop; seamlessly pouring modest and earnest emotion into big synth soundscapes. After the success of her 2011 hit ‘Call Me Maybe’, she fell to the periphery […]Read More