The Pressure To Share Everything On Social Media

Let’s paint the picture. Times are normal and as a treat, you decide to go out and meet a friend in Starbucks. When you sit down at the table with your lattes, the inevitable happens. Both your iPhones make an appearance after only being hidden away for the last ten seconds, snapping the scene for […]Read More

The Unspoken Truth Of Invisible Illnesses

When I think of illnesses that are invisible, three words come to mind; misunderstood, misrepresented and disregarded. Many people believe that if you do not carry crutches or even show any signs of physical deformity, you are perfectly healthy. However, this is far from the case for most people. If you are ever struggling with […]Read More

5 Chart-Toppers You Didn’t Realise Were Sampled From Older Tunes

When listening to the radio, there’s nothing more frustrating than thinking you’ve heard a song before but can’t put a finger on who sang it. Only complicating matters, the last 40 years have perfected the trend of splicing and sampling songs, layering old over new. Sampling has played a significant role in the development of […]Read More