5 Swansea Music Talents to Watch in 2021

Admit it–you’ve been dreaming about being back at The Bunkhouse* with your arms slung around some mates, proudly stumbling home with sore throats and beer drenched Doc Martins.  Finally, the end of this house-bound madness is in sight, so why not brush up on the lyrics of the best tunes in town? I give you […]Read More

Album Review: Another Night, Another Town // Shed Seven

The national Christmas wish for a live gig has been answered with Shed Seven’s live album: Another Night, Another Town. This release is like time-travelling back a year, fostering a true sense of community and wistful nostalgia through an awesome soundscape. Whilst the band’s collection of hits is enough to keep you engaged, the electric […]Read More

Track Review: Bitches Be Witches // Starbenders

Starbenders’ spellbinding single ‘Bitches Be Witches’ is a “celebration of the dark and different”. Accompanied by a gothic video, the hypnotic number is part of their Love Potions album and will leave you pleading to join their coven. Atlanta’s glam punk rock stars Starbenders have entranced listeners this year with a slew of songs from their […]Read More

Track review: I Am The Resurrection // AJ Gallagher

The title ‘I Am The Resurrection’ conjures up images of Madchester mosh-pits, Ian Brown’s cheeky smile and acid house raves in The Hacienda. All of which feature in AJ Gallagher’s new music video. The covered track however, is a hypnotic ode to those raving mad times. With delicate guitar strums, Gallagher plucks his way through […]Read More

Theatre Review: Plymouth Point // Swamp Motel

Meet the progressive new company combining live-streamed theatre and Zoom meetings. Swamp Motel have embraced the current social climate and produced a guilt-free immersive mystery that you can embrace from your living room sofa. As detectives, you must piece together what has happened to a missing girl named Ivy, sleuthing your way through social media […]Read More

Interview: Lucky Iris

Lucky Iris are a new breed of pop-duo, producing didactic tunes in their new electrically threaded EP, Turns Out We Should Have Stayed At Home. With Maeve on vocals, and Jasper on virtually everything else, the bubbly duo not only have an amazing connection in their music, but almost speak as one entity in everyday […]Read More

Album Review: Alfredo // Freddie Gibbs

In a new collaboration with The Alchemist, Freddie Gibbs has created an ode to the black community, disguised as an album about Italian American Mob culture. In his star-studded collection, Gibbs collaborates with Rick Ross, Tyler the Creator, Benny the Butcher and Conway the Machine, expanding his circle of passionately artistic activists. His work projects […]Read More

Theatre News: Andrew Lloyd Webber To Test New Methods For

The father of musicals, Andrew Lloyd Webber, claims that he has viewed a new government report that may limit singing in future theatre shows. In response, Webber has scheduled a trial of live performances in July, to find a solution.   Utilising one of his many properties, the London Palladium will house the first tests. […]Read More

Love Record Stores announce online ‘party’ this Saturday

Artists across the globe are combining forces on Saturday 20th June to form a 24-hour long event, Love Record Stores. Supporting 130 struggling record stores through the pandemic, performances include Laura Marling, Fontaines D.C., Fatboy Slim and Four Tet along with many others. After the postponement of Record Store Day due to Covid-19, panic set […]Read More

Interview: Pastel

As a young 5-piece shoegaze band, Pastel aren’t letting the pandemic slow them down. Fueled by two Mancunian cousins – the Lead singer (Jack Yates) and rhythm guitarist (James Yates) – an Irish lead guitarist and songwriter (Aaron Tormey), and two Welsh boys on bass guitar (Liam Oshea) and drums (Rhys Wheeler), the band have […]Read More

Album Review: I Love the New Sky // Tim Burgess

Bouncing between being a bawdy baggy icon and a dungaree wearing Britpop star, The Charlatans frontman Tim Burgess has transitioned through yet another public persona with his fifth solo album, I Love the New Sky.  In an uplifting collection of songs, the bowl-cut boasting artist appears to have regressed to a high-school nerd in a […]Read More

Track Review: Don’t Stop // Oasis

An unheard Oasis song is like finding a needle in a haystack. As the band that formed British culture as we know it, Wonderwall enthusiasts across the globe rejoiced this week. Noel Gallagher revealed plans to upload an original unreleased Oasis demo, rediscovered whilst he was clearing out some old coverless CDs. This newly dug-up […]Read More