‘Cocoon’ Is A Raw Coming-Of-Ager That Flies: Review

It’s summer in Berlin in 2018, and fourteen-year old Nora is about to experience the full ferocity of everything life can throw at a teenager. Including, but not limited to: drugs, periods, dip-dyed hair and heartbreak. Thanks to one fateful meeting with Romy, she also begins to explore her own sexuality. I went in knowing […]Read More

New £300 Million Film Studio Coming To London

Forget Hollywood – London is the place to be. For years, big-budget filmmaking has mainly been a Hollywood business. Even Miley Cyrus hopped off the plane at LAX with a dream and a cardigan. But this could all change with the £300 million film and TV studio set to be built in Dagenham, in east […]Read More

Zendaya set to play Ronnie Spector in new A24 film

Still riding the wave of Malcom & Marie hype (one of the first films to be fully shot during lockdown) and the Emmy win for Euphoria, Zendaya has already found her new role: Ronnie Spector. Chosen for the role by Spector herself, the film is set to follow much of the singer’s personal life and […]Read More

Ryan Gosling: The Go-To Man

Ryan Gosling has proven himself the go-to man for… well, any film with “man” in the title. The Wolfman, The Gray Man and an untitled Stuntman project. Maybe someone should give him a CGI role in the next Marvel film for a bit of variation. Then again, he probably won’t even have time for that, […]Read More

Trailer Released for Dementia Drama ‘The Father’

Based on Florian Zeller’s 2012 play La Père, the film stars acting royalty Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman (she was in The Crown, after all). The Father sees Anthony Hopkins play (a handily named) Anthony, who is struggling with the harsh reality of ageing and serious memory loss caused by dementia, while Olivia Colman plays […]Read More

Elisabeth Moss set to star in thriller ‘Mrs. March’

Not even a global pandemic can stop the cinematic powerhouse that is Blumhouse. After working with Elisabeth Moss on The Invisible Man, this time they’re even teaming up with her production company (Love and Squalor Pictures) to adapt Virginia Feito’s still unreleased novel for the big screen. Moss is set to take on the role […]Read More

Theatre News: Hamilton Is Officially Non-Stop

Hamilton manages to pack a lot into its two hour run-time; marriages, affairs, wars, and – oh yeah, the life of one of America’s founding fathers. It’s more than many musicals can claim to even touch base on. Whilst many were initially sceptical of a musical that fell so heavily into the rap and hip-hop […]Read More

Feminism on and off-screen in Studio Ghibli

Studio Ghibli is renowned for its female protagonists. They’re strong, smart, independent young girls, who hardly wait for a prince to save them and would rather instead chase after the huge but cuddly creature in the forest. They are everything young girls should grow up seeing on-screen. And although Ghibli are stellar at representing these […]Read More

‘Luca’ Announced as Next Original Pixar Film

Although it looks like we might have to wait a little while longer to get our Pixar fix on the big screen with the release of Soul being delayed until 20 November, the classic animation studio is keeping fans happy with details on their newest project, Luca. A coming-of-age fantasy film, Luca feels like the […]Read More