Crafting Cognition: AI in Video Games

For as long as games have been worth playing, they have implemented at least some form of Artificial Intelligence, or AI. An integral part to the gaming world, examples can be found in almost every genre, from the enemies in classic shooters to the incessant ghosts in Pac-Man. However, despite the ubiquity of AI, it […]Read More

Fell on Black Days: How Chris Cornell’s Music Defined Him

Monday, 18th May marked three years since the tragic suicide of grunge icon Chris Cornell. His piercing vocals in bands Soundgarden and Audioslave, as well as solo, spoke to innumerable fans on a deep level. This was the reason he became the hero of the genre most recognise him as today. His musical career began […]Read More

Nvidia 3000 Series: What Does it Mean For the Industry?

Nvidia’s 2000 series of graphics cards are some amazing pieces of kit. Capable of running the most technically strenuous games in glorious HD at a high frame-rate, not to mention their unique ray-tracing capabilities, they soon became the end goal for many a PC Gamer to secure. However, along with their inarguable effectiveness came an […]Read More

The Last Of Us Part II Leaks: Could It Be

**WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for The Last of Us Part II.** Cast back your thoughts, if you can, to the olden days of 2016. All in all, it was an awful year, yet a certain event stood out to PlayStation gamers: the announcement of The Last of Us Part II. It was a […]Read More