Top TV of the Decade: New Girl

Welcome to The Indiependent’s Top TV of the Decade! In today’s feature, Holly Patrick takes a look at an arguably underrated sit-com, Zooey Deschanel’s New Girl… Good American sitcoms were hard to come by in the noughties. Then in 2011, Jess Day (Zooey Deschanel) moved into a loft with some strangers in Los Angeles. New Girl […]Read More

The Indiependent’s Ones to Watch This Summer

If you’re stuck in an office like me all summer with substandard air conditioning and an overwhelming sense of FOMO, a weekend festival is the perfect escape. Obviously the headliners are what initially convinces you to part with an extortionate amount of money to spend three days covered in either mud, suncream or beer (or […]Read More

My Life in Films: Holly Patrick

When it comes to the cinema, I’m quite predictable. Stick a Brat Pack staple in front of me and I’m happy. But it’s not always been this way – there were many predecessors to my look-at-me-I-just-discovered-John-Hughes-and-The-Smiths phase. So without further ado, here is a definitive list of all the films that have shaped my existence, […]Read More

EP Review: Keep Walking! // Sports Team

Sports Team have made quite a name for themselves off the back of a long live history in London. The Cambridge-established 6-piece continue to impress after a stellar 2018 and are back with their latest offering, the Keep Walking! EP. The band’s first foray into music came in the form of last year’s Winter Nets […]Read More