Biology 101: Anatomy Of A Gay Anthem

Morning class, settle down please. I assume you’ve done the assigned reading, or assigned watching I should say: episodes 1-3 of It’s A Sin. I definitely see plenty of red-rimmed eyes. Alicia, did you watch it? We’re going to continue with our topic of gay anthems and today’s lesson also includes a dissection. No Dean, […]Read More

Book Review: A Christmas Memory // Truman Capote

If they haven’t already, many a bibliophile will be lighting their fires, settling in an armchair and dusting off their copies of A Christmas Carol, the literary quintessence of the holiday season. Finally, like Michael Bublé, it can come off the shelf and into the spotlight. For some of us, however, Dickens is not our […]Read More

A Flip Through The Pages Of National Novel Writing Month

At the beginning of the year, when Corona was just a beer, I promised myself that I would finish the manuscript of my first book, a collection of seasonal short stories. Then lockdown came, months yawned out before me. I would never get this time again, I thought, I’d better make good use of it. […]Read More

Book Review: Magic Lessons // Alice Hoffman

“Books may well be the only true magic”, stated Alice Hoffman and her latest book, Magic Lessons, the most recent in her Practical Magic series, is proof positive of this. While Practical Magic told the story of sisters Sally and Gillian, and The Rules of Magic, that of the indomitable aunts Frances and Jet, Magic […]Read More

An Excellent Ensemble In ‘The Boys In The Band’: Review

There are worse ways to spend an evening than watching the gorgeous cast of Netflix’s new LGBTQ+ film The Boys In The Band. Based on Mart Crowley’s 1968 play, The Boys In The Band centres on Harold’s (Zachary Quinto) birthday, celebrated by his coven of friends: Michael (Jim Parsons), Donald (Matt Bomer), Bernard (Michael Benjamin […]Read More

Trailer Released For Horror Sequel ‘The Craft: Legacy’

Park your broomsticks and fire up your cauldrons, the trailer for The Craft sequel has been conjured. Directed and written by Zoe Lister-Jones and produced by Blumhouse Productions and Red Wagon Entertainment, The Craft: Legacy continues 20 years after the original. Similar to the original, The Craft: Legacy follows Hannah (Cailee Spaeny) as she moves […]Read More

The Author Is Dead; Long Live The Reader

Any Literature student worth their salt will have Roland Barthes’ ‘The Death of the Author’ tucked into their back pocket, waiting for it to be pulled out at any moment: midway through an exam, when picked on in a seminar, or during a spell of writer’s block. For those of you who studied a more […]Read More