Album Review: Part 1 Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost

Can you believe it’s been six whole years since Holy Fire? Six years since that hot, hot summer, covering up an otherwise shitty year full of war and natural disaster. 2013 was my first proper festival experience: a simpler time, an exciting time to be alive and part of something bigger. I remember more hype […]Read More

Introducing: Lucie Barât and The Au Revoirs

Name: Lucie Barât and The Au Revoirs Hometown: Brighton Listen to: Fallen, Hey Faust “It’s becoming our anthem”, says Lucie Barât of debut single ‘Fallen’, “it’s dramatic, personal and highly danceable. I think it announces us perfectly”. Keen not to let her last name get in the way of carving out her own identity, 2015 […]Read More

Introducing: Run With The Hunt

Name: Run With the Hunt Hometown: Aylesbury Listen to: Chasing Our Tails, Out Through The Trapdoor Borrowing here and there from the last twenty, twenty five years of indie music, Aylesbury based four-piece Run With The Hunt is a deliberately eclectic setup, their demos touching on grunge, indie rock, garage rock and post punk, all under the […]Read More

Album Review: Blue Blood // The Rightovers

Aiming to improve upon a tried and tested recipe of jangly guitars and shaky vocals, The Rightovers, with Blue Blood, have a noticeably familiar quality about them. It’s The Pixies meets Tigers Jaw. REM meets The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die. Weezer and American Football. That nineties-feeling […]Read More

Track Review: Above // El Libero

Slowed down and stripped back, the most recent of offering from ‘alternative’ group El Libero is a neat and well paced track exploring some of the more literary avenues of contemporary indie music. The stress on metre, on rhyme and parallelisms through the track gives a deliberate feel to ‘Above’ – which is perhaps necessary for […]Read More

EP Review: Love, Faith and Fear // The Rubikons

In stark contrast to the effortless side of indie music dominating the scene at the moment, Love, Faith and Fear offers a distinctly energetic first impression of a mildly eclectic range of driving impressions and influences. The EP opens with ‘Have We Moved On’, a typically indie crossover piece lending itself to the guidance of […]Read More

Album Review: A Taste of Heaven // Cats Park

There is something very remotely Kim Gordon about this record. And perhaps it’s not overt, and perhaps it isn’t always noticeable, but it’s there – if only for a second or two towards the beginning of track seven ‘Thin Skinned’. It exists. There’s something gutsy, unpolished about the record, something beneath that spacey, detached outer layer […]Read More

Introducing: El Libero

Name: El Libero Hometown: London via Dublin, Aberdeen and Bulgaria Download: ‘Butterfly’ Described as “buoyant” and “infectious”, it’s an odd mix of characteristics that make up El Libero’s new track. ‘Come a Little Closer’ popped up on the band’s Spotify page in 2013, showing the band playing around with acoustic melodies and perhaps more conventional […]Read More