5 Things I Learnt As An Author Of Erotica

As a student, I hated reading. Everything we were mandated to read in school was presented in a cold and clinical fashion and there was only one correct way of interpreting the reading. Our grades were based upon that one line of thought. Imagination and creative thinking were only allowed if the teacher deemed it […]Read More

Graduate School Taught Me That My Mental And Physical Health

During my adult years, my weight has fluctuated drastically and there has been no shortage of judgements, assumptions and advice. It has only been within the last decade that I have confirmed a link between my mental and physical health. As I turn 45-years-old this month, I can say with confidence that it’s not too […]Read More

Defunding The Police And Other Alternatives

Recently, protests in the United States broke out in response to the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police. The Black Lives Matter movement, driven to immediate action by this tragedy, continues its long fight against the systemic mistreatment of African Americans. In it’s wake the idea of defunding the police has gained momentum across […]Read More