Helping Us Grieve: Why Do We Still Look To The

2020 was a difficult year. The sudden proximity of death in a society which has distanced itself from death and the dead will leave a deep scar on the UK psyche.  The UK already has a very remote relationship with death. After death, the body is hidden away, while other cultures display it or even […]Read More

The Idea of “Englishness” Should Not Belong to The Far-right

A common trait of liberal and left-wing English people is that they are ashamed to be English. This is because we see the behaviour of people like Nigel Farage or Steven Yaxley-Lennon, who declare themselves proud of their Englishness, proud to represent English culture against the forces of wokeness that try to destroy it. Antifeminist […]Read More

Does the Internal Market Bill signal UK support for Trump?

Last week, I watched President Bill Clinton’s speech in Londonderry in 1995 for the first time. In 2020, the bittersweet words of Clinton and John Hume, words of peace, unity, and shared humanity, seemed to come from another planet. It is nauseating that Boris Johnson’s government has chosen to endanger this hard won peace for […]Read More

Breaking: Brits Celebrate Being Terrible at Languages

There’s a famous joke that if you speak five languages, you’re a polyglot, if you speak two languages, you’re bilingual, and if you speak one language, you’re either English or American. In February this year, Brexit leaning media celebrated what they dubbed an “early victory” for Britain in negotiations to leave the European Union. The […]Read More

The Exploitation of Women in Lebanon: A Firsthand Perspective

On the 4th of August, in the late afternoon, a video was taken showing a woman hoovering on a shaded apartment balcony with a little girl playing behind her. After a few moments, the cataclysmic explosion from Beirut’s port ravages the balcony. Before the curtains have even settled, she scoops up the child without a […]Read More