The Welsh government never solved the ‘essential’ problem

The Coronavirus pandemic has been characterised by uncertainty. To an extent, this is understandable. After all, we knew nothing about the disease when it first began creeping across the planet a little more than a year ago. Our governments acted with good intentions and, we can assume, did their upmost to balance our interests and […]Read More

An Influencer In Lockdown: An Interview With Eve Bennett

Navigating a global pandemic is difficult enough but with over 200,000 YouTube subscribers watching your every move, there is another dimension of pressure. Eve Bennett is familiar with this pressure. But still, she is everything you would expect her to be. She answers the Zoom call sat in her bed, wearing an oversized hoodie, sipping […]Read More

There is No Spell That Reawakens a Dead Franchise

It is time for us to admit that the Harry Potter series has run its course. After two decades of overwhelming success, new projects of the series only exist to line the pockets of those involved in production, rather than because the fans want the content. I am biased since I did not jump on […]Read More