Keir Starmer’s Message to Conference: Take Another Look At Labour

Against the backdrop of a global pandemic, the Labour Party’s Conference was always going to look very different through its virtual format. Held between 19th-22nd September 2020, it was a strong start to the party conference season, with its leadership challenging the government’s Covid-19 response and appealing to the many, not the few. In this […]Read More

The Only Solution Was Peace: John Hume

Known for his political bravery and words of amicable resolution, the Northern Irish politician, John Hume, has died at the age of 83. He was a well-known figure in Anglo-Irish politics and for those unaware of him, I hope this article allows you to learn about his contribution to what is noticeably today, a much […]Read More

Keir Starmer’s First 100 Days: Things Can (And Did) Only

Keir Starmer’s First 100 Days: Things Can (And Did) Only Get Better For anyone who is aware of the Labour Party’s campaigning strategies, you will be no stranger to the words above. The infamous D:Rream lyrics were used during Tony Blair’s successful 1997 general election campaign, and continue to be referenced in relation to centre-left […]Read More

Mural, Mural On The Wall, Which Is The Fairest Of

Walking around Northern Ireland, but particularly Belfast, you cannot help but notice the multitude of murals across the city. Whilst there are so many, I don’t think this article can credibly suggest ‘which is the fairest of them all.’ Nor can the murals’ narrative be seen as a fairy tale. But it will certainly highlight […]Read More