Album Review: Idiot Prayer—Nick Cave Alone at Alexandra Palace //

North London’s Alexandra Palace, also known as “The People’s Palace,” the sister location to South London’s Crystal Palace, opened on Queen Victoria’s 54th birthday in May 1873.  Just 16 days later on the morning of 9 June “Ally Pally,” as it is affectionately called, broke out in flames caused by what the Sydney Morning Herald […]Read More

Cult Classic ‘The Swimmer’ is Back on Blu-Ray: Review

Squint your eyes and cult classic The Swimmer, starring Burt Lancaster, could be the B-plot on an episode of extra-quirky later day Seinfeld. Of course, it would be Kramer who joyously tells his pals he’s “going from pool to pool and swim all the way across the county home, Jerry!”  It’s a fun thought, and […]Read More

Film Review: The Vast of Night

Decoding is arguably the most important step in the communication process, because in spite of the very human proclivity to never shut up, all the communicating we think is happening is pointless if the decoding, or listening, rather, fails.  A message is conjured from thoughts by the sender who encodes what they need to say […]Read More