Not Just A Pretty Dress: Costumes In ‘True History Of

Photograph: Transmission Films We wear clothes almost all the time. We have deliberately chosen to wear those flared jeans or that structured jacket. Even the fashion phobic curate their wardrobes, even if they just throw away holey socks. And yet, costume design in cinema is often considered frivolous. Almost every awards season, only costumes from […]Read More

I Used to Read 75 Books A Year. Now I

At sixteen, I was often late for class. Weighed down by a satchel, heavy with tomes from fantasy writer George R.R. Martin, I lumbered up each step. I brought two along just in case I read the first gargantuan book in a day.  Then, I wasn’t just a reader: I was the Reader. I was […]Read More

Simple Yet Mesmerising, ‘Away’ Is An Animated Triumph: Review

The further that modern Western animation has strayed from traditional hand-drawn animation, the more it has honed in on one particular aesthetic. The big studios favouring 3D animation want to reflect an identical cartoonish reality. Animation has, in some regards, become monolithic. There are exceptions to this massive generalisation. The Irish animation studio Cartoon Saloon, […]Read More

The Myth Of ‘The Crown’: How Easy Is It To

It’s easy to split the British public into two camps: cat lovers or dog lovers; marmite loathers or likers; republicans or royalists. Wait until the day of a royal wedding – in one camp there’ll be an interview with someone who hoarded all the Charles and Diana wedding memorabilia, in the other, there’ll be tuts […]Read More

Horror Films, Cowardice and Me

In the run-up to Halloween, many film lovers want to watch a bloodcurdling horror. For others, the scariest film they can imagine watching is either The Addams Family or The Nightmare Before Christmas. Personally, I would happily remain on a strict diet of any movie with romantic walks in autumnal parks and well-knitted sweaters. The […]Read More