Are Warner Bros Complicit In Johnny Depp’s Defamation?

TW: domestic abuse While the US election has dominated current affairs this past week, the film industry has also had its fair share of big news. Johnny Depp, in a letter to fans, revealed his resignation from the Fantastic Beasts film franchise at the request of Warner Bros. The news comes days after losing a […]Read More

Book Review: Hauntology // Merlin Coverley

By the acclaimed author of Psychogeography which has sold over 20,000 copies, Merlin Coverley is back with another book. Hauntology sets out to discover why contemporary culture is so preoccupied by the supernatural, so captivated with the past. In a period where we are nostalgic for the times before the pandemic, this novel is a […]Read More

First Trailer Released for Robert Zemeckis’ ‘The Witches’

With Halloween just around the corner, Warner Bros has released the first official trailer for Robert Zemeckis’ rather extravagant-looking adaptation of The Witches. The Witches is based on the classic 1983 children’s novel by Roald Dahl, telling the story of an orphaned boy who discovers a coven of children-hating witches. With the help of his […]Read More

Louise Glück Awarded the 2020 Nobel Prize in Literature

American poet Louise Glück has won the Nobel Prize in Literature for her “unmistakable poet voice that with austere beauty makes individual existence universal.” This makes Glück the 16th woman to win the prize, and the first American woman to win since Toni Morrison in 1993. The prestigious award is renowned for being awarded to […]Read More

‘I Am Samuel’- A Raw Story of Optimism: LFF Review

Filmed over five years, I Am Samuel is a vérité-style documentary that follows the life of titular Samuel as he moves to Nairobi in search of a new life, finding a place of belonging in a community of fellow gay men and falling in love with his soulmate Alex. Facing the pressure of being truthful […]Read More

Rhiannon Lewis Is First UK Author to Win Faulkner Prize

Welsh author, Rhiannon Lewis, best known for her debut novel My Beautiful Imperial has become the first UK writer to win the prestigious William Faulkner Literary Prize for her new short story. The win was announced on 25th September from the William Faulkner Library, located at the Union County Heritage Museum in Mississippi. Typically, the […]Read More

‘Enola Holmes’ and the Definition of Boredom: Review

Based on the Young Adult novel series by Nancy Springer, Enola Holmes focuses on Sherlock’s younger sister stirring up trouble and testing her own hand at solving mysteries. Despite the bizarre controversry surrounding it, anticipation for this new female-led mystery film was high. However, it sadly does not live up to its potential. Enola Holmes […]Read More

Emmys 2020: Breaking Down the Winners, Snubs, and Surprises

When lockdown first started everyone inevitably found themselves on Zoom, attending virtual pub quizzes, virtual festivals, and virtual concerts. Months later, amid the ongoing restrictions, it is safe to say nothing has changed. The 72nd annual Emmy Awards hosted on Sunday night was held online, and the audience watched as Watchmen, Succession, and Schitt’s Creek […]Read More

Aladdin Pantomime Accused Of Racism: We Can Do Better

A pantomime production of Aladdin has come under fire this week, with many accusing the directors of “casual racism” after they cast two white people as ‘The Chinese Policemen’ in an already all-white cast. The production, set to run at the Forum Theatre in Billingham from 1st December, put up posters of the pantomime, showing […]Read More