In Defence of the Silent Hill Movies

*This article contains some spoilers for the Silent Hill movies, as well as some graphic images* I probably belong to the relatively large population of people who know an awful lot about the Silent Hill franchise without actually playing much of it. I mean, I had the Silent Hill HD collection on the Xbox360, but […]Read More

The Cat Lady: How Games About Mental Health Should Be

*PLEASE NOTE: This article contains subject matter such as suicide and depression that may be triggering. If you are suffering, please seek help from a professional.* *This article also contains spoilers for the entire game* Mental health. Dealing with mental health. Helping friends with mental health. The term ‘mental health’ gets thrown around quite a […]Read More

Why Rin Was A Welcome Addition in Catherine: Full Body

*THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS FOR CATHERINE: FULL BODY* I have a complicated relationship with Catherine. Developed by Atlus – the team behind the Persona franchise – this self-described ‘unconventional romantic horror’ title was released all the way back in 2011, when I was 11 myself. I have many a vivid memory of an awkward […]Read More

The Newfound Relevance of Presentable Liberty

*THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS MINOR SPOILERS FOR PRESENTABLE LIBERTY* Picture this: the world as you know it has been turned on its head by a mysterious pandemic. You have no choice but stay in your room and play video games to pass the time, waiting for a message from a friend or an update from those […]Read More