Why The Internet Is Mad About The ‘Winx’ Reboot

In early December, Netflix released a teaser trailer for their latest 2021 series, Fate: the Winx Saga. Given the title, viewers were immediately drawn to the reboot of the beloved 2000’s cartoon The Winx Club that focused on five teenage fairies attending Alfea School to hone their skills and save the universe. The showrunner of the reboot, Brian […]Read More

Peele, Miyazaki and More: Updating the Film Canon

Despite being the most recent medium of art, film has quickly shot up to our favourite consumption of entertainment. Like with most things we choose our favourites and ‘classics’, that cinephiles to casual watchers agree are timeless. Or at least, ‘worth the watch’. However, the usual list of ‘classic’ films can be quite limited in terms […]Read More