Track Review: Purge The Poison // MARINA

According to MARINA, the chorus of her new single ‘Purge The Poison’ is sung from the perspective of Mother Nature, and she has a warning: humans are destroying the planet. The track, released as the second single from MARINA’s upcoming fifth album Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land, is a stark reminder of the urgency […]Read More

Waiting In Line: Will RAYE Steal The Pop Spotlight In

“This young lady with @DavidGuetta has a great voice. Who is she?” tweeted Dionne Warwick earlier this month, while watching New Year’s Eve on FOX. The ‘young lady’ in question—singing Sia’s part on Guetta’s single ‘Let’s Love’—was London-born singer-songwriter RAYE. On paper, RAYE needs no introduction. She is the voice behind some of your favourite […]Read More

Blast From The Past: Honeymoon // Lana Del Rey

In 2017, Lana Del Rey took to Twitter to cryptically call on her followers to join her in putting a spell on Donald Trump. The move was as unexpected as much as it made complete sense. Known as one of music’s most enigmatic stars, her penchant for hexing was unsurprising. Dipping her toe into American politics, however? A […]Read More