‘Beginning’ — Gripping If Unsatisfying Drama Shows Promise: Review

Almost the most important thing to see in a debut feature is a filmmaker’s confidence beyond the material. Beginning offers that in spades, despite its flaws. Bookended by extraordinary shots, Dea Kulumbegashvili’s feature exerts total poise as it sets out an audacious take on religion and womanhood under pressure.  The film centres on Yana (Ia […]Read More

‘Ham On Rye’ — A Woozy, Melancholy Take On Teenagehood:

Adolescence is a strange time: old enough to be aware of your responsibilities, but still aeons away from the mysterious and serious world of adulthood. In this curious new film, a debut feature for writer/director Tyler Taormina, these divisions and differences are given a significance to reflect the heightened teenage emotions. Ham on Rye is […]Read More

Movie Monday: ‘About Endlessness’

Floating through a cloud-filled void, a man and woman embrace; there may be a city below but all that matters is the strength of their humanity before the blankness. The loose, pale clothes may be formal wear, theatrical costumes or evidence of a historical setting, but all that should be relevant drops away with the […]Read More