Birmingham Hippodrome’s Post-COVID Redundancies: A Reflection Of Things To Come

Yesterday, the government announced new lockdown measures for from the 4th July, however theatres like the Birmingham Hippodrome will remain closed. The Birmingham Hippodrome made a statement earlier this month, announcing that many of its full-time employees may lose their jobs as the 120-year-old national treasure fights to survive while social distancing measures are still […]Read More

Theatre Review: Coriolanus // National Theatre

At a time when our world appears unrecognisable, where the very crux of democracy is being questioned as we are denied our liberties for the sake of public health in this pandemic, and as many people all over the world fight for basic human rights, Coriolanus has rarely seemed so relevant. Caius Martius, later renamed […]Read More

Concert Cribs

Imagine a world with no colour, a world in black and white, where the joy of a buttercup yellow or the calm of a baby blue is incomprehensible. This is how Clifton Harrison describes the world without music. Harrison, 42, is one of the UK’s most renowned viola players and has been living in lockdown […]Read More