Throwback Thursday: Paranoid // Black Sabbath

Anyone watching Liverpool’s recent 7-2 drubbing minus the irksome canned crowd noise would’ve heard the unforgettable opening salvo of ‘Paranoid’ across the Villa Park PA no fewer than seven times that evening; a reminder of enduring ties between four of Birmingham’s favourite sons and their beloved Villa, playing just a stone’s throw from where Ozzy […]Read More

Blast from the Past: Blackstar // David Bowie

“Five years, what a surprise,” to quote the man himself in the curtain-raiser from his definitive long-player The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. Indeed we’ve all been crying for the last five years, hard to believe half a decade has already flown by since David Bowie’s passing, three days […]Read More

Album Review: What to Look for in Summer // Belle

Remember live music, anyone? Deprived of the live gig experience since March I’m enduring my longest stretch without seeing a band in-person since birth to AC/DC. Even socially distanced streamed shows are not cutting the mustard – perhaps the pop equivalent of a rail replacement service. Despite me rinsing the living daylights out of Belle […]Read More

Album Review: We Will Always Love You // The Avalanches

Ever since Australian dance outfit The Avalanches unleashed their debut long-player, the plunderphonic rollercoaster Since I Left You on an unsuspecting public back in 2000 they’ve been adored by critics and listeners alike. With acclaim comes the pressure to deliver again, Avalanches subsequently signing up to the Vashti Bunyan school of productivity in search of […]Read More

Album Review: Power Up // AC/DC

I must admit, I encountered mixed feelings about the prospect of a new ‘DC record, and not solely due to frontman Brian Johnson’s well-publicised “suspension” last time out. His lungs almost failed midway through their most recent live stint, with Axl Rose famously deputising for the remainder of the tour, ahead of rumours he may […]Read More

Album Review: Tom Petty // Wildflowers & All The Rest

Tom Petty’s fastest selling album upon release, Wildflowers hit the shelves half a decade after the Floridian’s career-defining (sans-Heartbreakers) debut Full Moon Fever had shifted a veritable truckload of units. The album was produced by Rick Rubin but shorn of 10 of the 25 songs Petty submitted at the behest of veteran Warner’s exec Lenny […]Read More

Album Review: Dark Matter // CamelPhat

Dark Matter is the illuminating debut album by Liverpool’s CamelPhat. For a dance band to release their debut long-player after grafting away for 15 years, constantly creating and releasing music, this seems unusual in the extreme. Then again, Liverpool based DJs-cum-producers Dave Whelan and Mike Di Scala, aka ‘CamelPhat’, rarely play the conventional game. Releasing […]Read More

Rest in Riffs Eddie Van Halen, 1955-2020

In 1984, guitarist extraordinaire Eddie Van Halen was sitting on top of the world. His eponymous band topped the US singles chart for the first time with ‘Jump’, complete with unforgettable of-its-time synth riffs. The lead single from the band’s 6th album, ‘1984’, helped propel it to #2, denied its place at the album chart […]Read More