Track Review: dizzy // Birthday Girl

Stockholm outfit Birthday Girl have just shared their latest single, ‘dizzy’, alongside a video of their crazy lockdown tour. Produced by Birthday Girl themselves, ‘dizzy’ was further mastered by Tom Woodhead in Yorkshire. Immediately in the first seconds of the track, you are able to dive into a softened and calm universe, a paradise free of […]Read More

Track Review: that’s what friends are for // BIIANCO

Some lover disappointed you? That’s what friends are for. For sure friends should not be used only in case of break-ups, however this is certainly the topic of BIIANCO’s latest single. LA poet, singer, producer, director, and multi-instrumentalist released this brilliant song on 9th April. One half electronica, one half chill-wave, with a hint of indie […]Read More

Track Review: Did I Ask? // Pinkfiz

Imagine you’re a 18-year old girl, who is very passionate about gender equality and isolated during a pandemic. Imagine you keep hearing “she was asking for it” every time the topic of unwanted attention or sexual harassment comes up. Imagine getting angry. Finally, imagine you have a punk soul and a guitar… Then you can […]Read More