‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ – An Utter Let Down: Review

The ‘Snyder Cut’ of Justice League is a four-hour slogfest, with improved characters and a more consistent tone compared to its theatrical counterpart, but with very little depth or appeal. It is, however, exactly the film that #releasethesnydercut campaigners were hoping for. Well, it’s finally here. Zack Snyder’s Justice League. All it took was a […]Read More

‘The Lawyer’ Is Both A Moving Love Story and Poignant

The Lawyer is the first Lithuanian feature film focusing on a male same-sex romantic relationship and one of the very few about the LGBTQ+ refugee experience in Europe. But does it successfully navigate these narratives through the lens of privilege? Mischa Alexander reviews. The film opens with a shot of the titular profession: a man in his world embodying wealth […]Read More

‘The Recce’ Is Atmospheric, But Offers Very Little Else: Review

The Recce boasts stylish filmmaking and a clear sense of tension—but it lets the genre do all the heavy lifting, writes Mischa Alexander. There’s a lot that can be appealing about war films: immediate tension, striking set-pieces and easily staged conflict between protagonist and antagonist. However, the popularity and countless examples of the genre can […]Read More

‘Hunted’ Is A Brutal Twist On Little Red Riding Hood:

Packed with dread and gore, Hunted makes up for what it lacks in characterisation with a visually stunning cat-and-mouse plot. For the uninitiated, Shudder is an online streaming service that specialises in horror and thriller film and TV. Its most recent original movie is Hunted, a gory and nail-biting journey through the woods that makes […]Read More

‘Wonder Woman 1984’- A Misjudged Disappointment: Review

As far as the DCEU goes, Wonder Woman (2017) is clearly one of the highlights. Filled with great characters and iconic moments, it was undoubtedly a monumental step forward towards female representation in the contemporary action genre. Its sequel, Wonder Woman 1984, which has been released in cinemas where possible, (as well as on HBO […]Read More

Theatre Review: The Resurrection Men // Open Theatre

There’s nothing like a good ghost story is there? Though the idea of spectral terror is more associated with Halloween, I’d argue it has just as much of a presence during the Christmas period, thanks to the association of remembering the past, the want for light in the darkness, and the Marley and Marley song […]Read More

Theatre News: National Theatre launches NT at Home

The National Theatre officially entered the streaming wars last week with the debut of their new subscription service, NT at Home. After the success of their streamed productions during the summer lockdown, which brought in over 15 million viewers worldwide, NT at Home allows audiences to enjoy the professionally recorded theatre productions all year round. […]Read More

What Can Britain Learn From Theatres in South Korea?

As another lockdown means that we have to stay inside, waiting for the Coronavirus infection rate to drop, so too must theatre fans resign themselves to be away from the beloved auditoriums for a little longer. It’s a sad fact, especially since we were so close to new productions. The National Theatre was set to […]Read More

John David Washington and Alicia Vikander Cast In ‘Born to

The stars of Tenet and Tomb Raider are the latest names announced for a forthcoming thriller produced by Call Me By Your Name director Luca Guadagnino. Born To Be Murdered will follow a couple in Greece who become ensnared in a deadly conspiracy during their holiday. It will be the English-language direcotiral debut of Italian […]Read More