Theatre Review: All’s Well That Ends Well // The Show

Ever since Staged proved that high-quality drama could exist when consisting entirely over Zoom calls, theatre teams and creatives have had no excuse for not creating sublime online performances during the Coronavirus pandemic. Well… Apart from financial and mental stresses, the difficulty of good WiFi, and the fear of the descent into the Maelström which […]Read More

Theatre Review: Albion // BBC

Albion: a place from Arthurian legend that still continues to exist today, only we don’t call it that. We call it England. The word Albion takes on a whole new meaning as the title of Mike Bartlett’s 2017 tragicomedy, revised in January 2020 at the Almeida Theatre and broadcasted on BBC4. It’s a play that […]Read More

Netflix’s Mis-Marketing of ‘Cuties’ Sparks Furore

The streaming platform Netflix was the subject of high scrutiny and criticism after it released promotional material of the film Cuties. The streaming platform service misrepresenting the content of the film, using images that are highly questionable due to their depiction of teenage girls in sexualised poses. Cuties (or Mignonnes in the original French) is […]Read More

Family Tensions Simmer in First Trailer For ‘Blackbird’

On 17 August, a trailer was released for the upcoming film Blackbird, produced by Screen Media Films. The drama is directed by Roger Mitchell (Notting Hill, Le Week-End, My Cousin Rachel) with a screenplay from Christopher Torpe (Deliver Us, Rita, The Mist). Blackbird will tells the story of Lily (Susan Sarandon) who, having found out […]Read More

Theatre Review: Pater Noster // Francesca Caruso

Pater Noster (which translates to the Lord’s Prayer) asks for strength during the coming day, and for forgiveness of sin and temptation. This is a sentiment seemingly absent from Francesca Caruso’s production of the absurdist, yet touchingly reflective, play Pater Noster. Instead, the show inquires into the meaning of religious symbols and rituals, and (perhaps […]Read More