The Art Of The Panic Masters: How Do I Graduate?

Love Letters To My 20s: A Fortnightly Column On The Stigma Surrounding Our Twenties “‘Our anxiety does not come from thinking about the future,’ noted the writer Kahlil Gibran, ‘but from wanting to control it.’” – Pandora Sykes, How Do We Know We’re Doing It Right? Ah, Masters degrees. Filled with a confusing concoction of intelligent […]Read More

Criticism Can Be Your Friend, If You Let It

Love Letters To My 20s: A Fortnightly Column On The Stigma Surrounding Our Twenties “Uncomfortable and liberating- exactly what growth is supposed to feel like.” – Florence Given, Women Don’t Owe You Pretty Criticism is a weird one. It can simultaneously hurt your ego, crush your passion, and embarrass you, whilst also allowing you to […]Read More

Introducing ‘Love Letters To My 20s’: Life Doesn’t End At

“Rambunctious, restless and ramshackle. Roving, raucous and rebellious. My roaming decade; my roaring twenties.”― Dolly Alderton, Everything I Know About Love “Your twenties,” slurred my best friend’s mum, before she hiccupped, giggled and sipped her over-filled glass of white wine, “will be the best years of your life. Lap it all up while you can, […]Read More

Theatre News: West End Live Announces Virtual Schedule

Yesterday, West End Live announced a two-day schedule for their 2020 celebration of British musical theatre, which is taking place online (rather than London’s Trafalgar Square), due to the Coronavirus outbreak. West End Live stated: “We could not let the stagiest weekend of the year go by without sharing our love of theatre with you […]Read More

Meet Veritas Theatre Arts: The Platform for Young People During

During the past couple of weeks, you might have seen one or two videos of people singing, monologuing, or painting by their bathroom sinks, floating around on social media. (No, this isn’t a new, quarantine-bred TikTok trend!) Veritas Theatre Arts are the Wakefield-based theatre company who are taking the arts scene by storm, starting the […]Read More

Theatre Review: Two // Theatre Group

As a northern theatre student that finds themself surrounded by southern artists the majority of the time, I cannot tell you how incredibly refreshing it was to watch Two by Jim Cartwright, and directed by Tom Gibson, last week. Focusing on working-class life in a northern pub in the 1980s, Cartwright’s pub is a space […]Read More

Theatre Review: Posh // Theatre Group

Intense, hard-hitting, and anger-inducing, Theatre Group‘s production of Posh, by Laura Wade, succeeded in creating a satirical commentary on the immense privilege that comes with being white, male and upper-class. As the company’s director, George Marlin, stated in his director’s note: “Posh is as relevant and topical in a post-Brexit Britain as it was ten […]Read More

Theatre Review: Random Acts of Malice // Theatre Group

Random Acts of Malice, written by Alan Fraser, and directed by his son, Lewis, was a warm and welcome break from Storm Ciara yesterday evening. As well as the weather performing as pathetic fallacy to the psychological thriller I was sitting down to watch, (and matching the storm taking place in Fraser’s script) the play […]Read More

Theatre News: Lin-Manuel Miranda spills Hamilton film details

Lin-Manuel Miranda has provided Variety magazine with an update on the status of the Hamilton film, in a recent interview. With previous reports stating that Miranda’s pitch had caused a bidding war between a number of studios, including Netflix, he has now revealed that the film will be coming “sooner rather than later”. Variety have […]Read More