Politics Undressed: The Inauguration Edition

Following the agonisingly long wait for the US presidential results, Joe Biden won the fight to become President.  With this win, hope has been reignited for the United States. Alongside the anticipation towards Joe Biden’s arrival in office, one area that evoked curiosity among the public in the states and overseas was the inauguration. Not […]Read More

Does ‘Sightless’ Opens Our Eyes?: Review

Most of us are deeply rooted in reality, which we rely on to inform our comprehension of the world around us. So when that reality is threatened, we must question if our perception is as authentic as we believe it to be. In this innovative new film, Sightless, we’re offered the chance to explore this […]Read More

Aaliyah’s Estate Fight to Put Her Music on Streaming Platforms

To commemorate what would have been RnB legend Aaliyah’s 42nd birthday, her estate have released a statement on social media, sharing fans frustrations over the late star’s legal barriers: “We hear you and we see you”. Whilst the Estate of Aaliyah have repeatedly tried to protect and launch her music, their efforts have not yet succeeded.   As of now, the only music available to […]Read More

Trailer Released For ‘Boogie’ Starring Pop Smoke

The late rapper makes his acting debut in the sports drama focused on the Asian American high school experience. Written and directed by Eddie Huang, Boogie (2021) is the latest coming of age drama from Focus Features. Starring Taylor Takahashi as the protagonist Alfred “Boogie” Chin, the film follows a Chinese-Taiwanese American’s struggles to revolutionise […]Read More

How Banksy Inspired Hope Amid Stricter Lockdown Measures

In true Banksy fashion, the widely celebrated street-artist has surprised both locals and art lovers globally with his new topical piece found on a quiet Nottingham street. Initially, the design attracted solely residents whom it reminded of Banksy’s earlier works, which prompted sporadic speculation that it could in fact be a genuine contribution. Despite the […]Read More

Why Black History Month Is More Important Than Ever

As the clocks struck midnight on the 31st December 2019, crowds welcomed 2020 with soaring delight. It was even coined the new decade of progress and hailed as the next roaring twenties. Unfortunately, the blissful naivety we once held could never prepare us for the year that brought with it the COVID era. 2020 has […]Read More