Spotify Launches New Transparency Website ‘Loud & Clear’

Spotify has launched Loud & Clear, an interactive website that explains income from music streaming by “breaking down the royalty system, the players and the process”. The company explains in a Q&A on the website that it created Loud & Clear in response to “questions and concerns” and admits it’s been “too quiet on the […]Read More

Track Review: Happy Hour // Felix Cartal ft. Kiiara

With his recently released electrifying EDM single ‘Happy Hour’, Canadian platinum producer and DJ Felix Cartal couches a story of heartbreak in unexpectedly euphoric terms. The concept of happy hour is redefined, now referring to the long, lonely hours of the night when lost souls drink away their miseries. Cartal unites this sorrowful picture with […]Read More

‘One Hand Tied Behind Us’ Offers A Kaleidoscope Of Perspectives

Watching One Hand Tied Behind Us, a collection of five commissioned monologues curated by Maxine Peake for London’s Old Vic theatre, is like looking through a kaleidoscope. With each turn, different perspectives of womanhood—spanning race, sexuality, class, liberty, age and time—are illuminated with poignant scrutiny, all twined inextricably together by a painful common denominator: the […]Read More

‘Demon’ – A Surreal And Sophisticated Millennial Noir: Review

Imagine finding that all your belongings in your bedroom have been moved out of place. It’s not as if anything has drastically changed, but now it feels deeply wrong somehow. Perhaps it’s even disorienting, like you’re in an alternate universe. British film company Zersetzung’s debut Demon evokes such a feeling. A self-proclaimed “Millennial Noir” (a […]Read More

‘’- A Disturbing Tale Of Objectification: FGBFF Review

In general, online stars tend to adopt a smiley persona to entertain their viewers. However, the short film—streamed to both German and international audiences in this year’s virtual Final Girls Berlin Film Festival—imagines an alternate universe where sad girls are celebrated for exhibiting their misery on camera. As she sits sobbing in a cafe […]Read More

‘Slalom’ – A Psychological Examination Of Abuse In Elite Sport:

TW: sexual abuse Noée Abita is astonishing in Slalom, a debut feature that harrowingly depicts an athlete struggling with sexual abuse at the hands of her coach. From the beginning of Charlène Favier’s debut feature film Slalom, foreboding messages ring clear. “If you want to go home, now is the time,” snaps Lyz Lopez’s skiing […]Read More

Track Review: Sidewalk // South Of France

Remember the thrill of spotting a gorgeous stranger from across the room at a house party? For all of us hopeless romantics stuck indoors, the feeling of crushing on someone from afar probably feels like a distant memory now. But with their single ‘Sidewalk’, indie artist South of France reminds us of what there is […]Read More

‘Alive’ is a universal and profound look at what it

It’s a timeless question; what does it mean to be truly alive? In just under 15 minutes, Alive by Flying Solo! Presents offers us a humorous yet poignant answer. The storyline is simple, but its themes – death, freedom, life choices, dreams, and happiness – are universal and profound. Set in the living room of […]Read More