Theatre Review: Girls Like That // Synergy Theatre Project

Evan Placey’s “urgent and explosive” play, Girls Like That, won the title of Best Play for Young Audiences in 2015. Even though I might fall into this one-act piece of collective narration and didactic direct mode of address‘ typical age demographic, I have never cared for this play, nor have I cared for Esther Baker’s […]Read More

Poem of the Week: Order // Harold Pinter

Are you ready to order?No there is nothing to orderNo I’m unable to orderNo I’m a long way from orderAnd while there is everything,And nothing, to order,Order remains a tall orderAnd disorder feeds on the belly of orderAnd order requires the blood of disorderAnd ‘freedom’ and ordure and other disorduresNeed the odour of order to […]Read More

Theatre News: The Theatre Channel Launches This September

Adam Blanshay, of Adam Blanshay Productions, and Ryan Woods, of The Theatre Café, are working together to create a new musical theatre web series called The Theatre Channel. The pilot episode is scheduled to premiere this September, with a season of nine further episodes set to follow. Episode one already has some very exciting musical […]Read More

Theatre Review: TORUK- The First Flight // Cirque Du Soleil

Fans of Avatar, I suspect this might be just the show for you. No, I’m not referring to the animated Avatar: The Last Airbender, or its unfortunate live-action sibling, but James Cameron’s infamous CGI epic from the distant past of 2009. If you want a similar spectacle, then look no further than the Cirque de […]Read More