Album Review: Fuck Art // The Dirty Nil

The Dirty Nil are not a subtle band. Since the release of their previous album, 2018’s Master Volume, they have proudly blasted out thunderous hard rock riffs with the speed and spirit of a garage punk band. Underpinned by frontman Luke Bentham and his tender yet funny lyrics that betray his tough-guy, hollered vocals. Their […]Read More

Blast From The Past: Paranoid // Black Sabbath

It is hard to imagine how terrifying Black Sabbath must have seemed when they released Paranoid in the autumn of 1970. Nowadays, they are metal royalty but at the time they may as well have sprung up from hell itself. Other rock bands at the time had their rough edges but remained approachable. The Rolling […]Read More

Album Review: Bent Arcana (Self-Titled)

John Dwyer proves once again that his hands never leave the fretboard. The Osees frontman has taken time out of his busy schedule of leading multiple bands to bring us an album of instrumental acid rock with his newest project. While Dwyer’s other groups have explored every style of loud rock you can imagine, from […]Read More