Book Review: Gangsters, Geezers & Mods // Stephen Pennell

Part fiction, part fact, part history and all Birmingham, Gangsters, Geezers & Mods by Stephen Pennell intertwines one man’s story with a host of astonishingly colourful characters and an equally evocative setting. It takes our dubious hero, with a steadfast reluctance to demean himself with proper work, from the back streets of Aston, to the […]Read More

Q Magazine: The Most Unforgettable Moments

Q Magazine has closed its doors after 30 years of service, due to the ongoing effects of COVID-19 and the ailing print media industry. The music mag has produced in-depth interviews with some of rock’s most established performers. Its first edition, released in June 1986, featured Paul McCartney on the cover. Artists such as Radiohead, […]Read More

Keeping Up With the Coronavirus: Observing The COVID-19 “Lockdown”

The date is Sunday, March 22nd in the year 2020.  The parks of Wolverhampton paint a placid, bucolic landscape. The smoothed pavements intertwine with lush, undulating pockets of freshly-mown grass, splattered with luscious plants and gleaming wooden huts.  It’s weather like this that could illuminate even the colourless alcoves of the world, and when you […]Read More

Remembering Jeremy Clarkson, Britain’s forgotten threat

It has been established in 2019 that – alongside the fact Brexit will continue on a long and banal journey and Leeds United will send spies to compare the prices of Asda and Aldi – if there is a controversial subject, Piers Morgan will comment on it. The recent revelation that Gregg’s were launching an […]Read More

Celebrating Thirty Years of ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’

 In 1988, Channel 4 commissioned a radio adaptation of the improvisation show Whose Line Is It Anyway. From then, magic was made, with comedians from both the UK and US establishing themselves with quick wit and whip-smart retorts. As the pilot episode celebrates its thirtieth anniversary, Sam Lambeth reflects on the show’s genius.Read More

Once upon a time in the Madlands

Remember Birmingham? For a few years, it had a Katrina-style slump into indie indifference, but after lying fallow for so long the Second City is pissing directly into the faces of every London-loving poseur and every Mancker. Birmingham is back. However, it’s repackaged into the Madlands, a name we can all depend upon.Read More

Interview: Jacky P on being the voice of a generation

Birmingham has long been a thriving metropolis for myriad styles of music, and one of its most fervent champions has been Jack Parker. For nearly ten years, Parker – otherwise known as Jacky P – has been at the forefront of underground music, whether he be spinning local bands on his radio shows, supporting them […]Read More