Track Review: Spectre // Jay Tennant

Jay Tennant takes us back to early 00s anthemic rock with sublime new single ‘Spectre’. There is a rumour going round that Jay Tennant actually intended his new single to be the theme to the James Bond movie of the same title. However, just before Tennant got his jiffy bag ready, he saw on the […]Read More

Song of the Week: Soldier Coming Round // Vela Incident

“What you gonna do when the party’s over?” It’s a question that will ring true for many people of a certain age. All of a sudden, the hangover lasts longer than a concert by The Cure. Joints ache instead of being smoked. The headache is more pounding than that rare 1998 Chemical Brothers B-side you […]Read More

Song of the Week: It’s Alright Now // Paul Nixon

Paul Nixon, one of the unsigned world’s most promising songwriters, returns with a majestic hymn and a voice that could stop traffic. There are moments in life where you’re hit with a sudden loss for words. When the Berlin Wall finally fell, for example. The day England made it to the semi-finals of the World […]Read More

Song of the Week: Feel My Love // The Shed

Let’s face it, these days most people turn their sheds into, well, something other than a shed. Whether it’s a cool outdoor bar or even a sauna, it’s fair to say most millennials don’t use their outhouse to store Flymo parts and weedkiller anymore. Not many, though, use it as a place to craft rich, […]Read More

10 Things We Want To See In The ‘Frasier’ Revival

With the news of hit sitcom Frasier getting the revival treatment, we’ve compiled ten things that we hope will happen to the Crane brothers and their chums. Frasier is one of the world’s finest comedies. Mixing classic farce and misconception with witty one-liners and highbrow references, it remains a unique entry into the situation comedy […]Read More

Song of the Week: Something To Do // Five O

Forget everything you know about Five O Fives. It’s obvious that they aren’t going to play the game. Their first single, ‘Through the Darkness’, was tense and dramatic. The lyrics told of alienation and detachment, of post-university frustrations, of depression and contempt. Musically, it was thunderous and fervent. As introductions go, it promised a serious […]Read More

Song of the Week: Before // Graywave

Richard Morgan should start betting on the gee gees. As the head honcho behind management company Indie Midlands, every artist he has signed has turned out to be unique, engaging and electifying. Graywave is one of Morgan’s most recent signings, and upon the evidence of new song ‘Before’, he’s backed another winner. We’re backing this […]Read More

10 Midlands Music Talents to Watch in 2021

Grassroots music has never sounded good. With a host of creatives – from radio DJs and vloggers to photographers and, yep, musicians – 2021 looks set to be another eclectic, exciting year for underground sounds. We’ve compiled ten amazing people that are currently pushing the envelope of music, as well as a whole host of […]Read More

Track Review: Doom Generation // Table Scraps

Table Scraps are having us on, right? They release a single called ‘Doom Generation’ during the most devastating period in our recent history…and they say it was written before Covid-19? Well, talk about timing – these Brummie barnstomers have encapsulated the ragged emotions everyone is currently feeling. People are angry. Austerity remains, lockdown has had […]Read More

Track Review: Honey Sauce // Redwood

Redwood, one of the West Midlands’ most riveting exports, is back with the tender and terrific ‘Honey Sauce’. Move over garlic mayo, there’s a better juice in town… On name alone, you would think ‘Honey Sauce’ is a delicious tribute to a cracking condiment. A few seconds into Redwood’s shimmering new single, however, and you […]Read More

Obituary: John Sessions, actor & comedian, dies aged 67

In a parallel universe, John Sessions would be occupying the same widespread reverence reserved for Stephen Fry. Sessions possessed the same unquenchable thirst for knowledge, piercing intellectual wit and a twinkling slice of silliness. For one reason or another, though, Sessions – who passed away on Tuesday 3 November – never enjoyed that sustained adoration. […]Read More

Book Review: Gangsters, Geezers & Mods // Stephen Pennell

Part fiction, part fact, part history and all Birmingham, Gangsters, Geezers & Mods by Stephen Pennell intertwines one man’s story with a host of astonishingly colourful characters and an equally evocative setting. It takes our dubious hero, with a steadfast reluctance to demean himself with proper work, from the back streets of Aston, to the […]Read More

Q Magazine: The Most Unforgettable Moments

Q Magazine has closed its doors after 30 years of service, due to the ongoing effects of COVID-19 and the ailing print media industry. The music mag has produced in-depth interviews with some of rock’s most established performers. Its first edition, released in June 1986, featured Paul McCartney on the cover. Artists such as Radiohead, […]Read More

Keeping Up With the Coronavirus: Observing The COVID-19 “Lockdown”

The date is Sunday, March 22nd in the year 2020.  The parks of Wolverhampton paint a placid, bucolic landscape. The smoothed pavements intertwine with lush, undulating pockets of freshly-mown grass, splattered with luscious plants and gleaming wooden huts.  It’s weather like this that could illuminate even the colourless alcoves of the world, and when you […]Read More