Blast from the Past: The Fall // Gorillaz

Widely regarded as something of an enigma in Gorillaz’s discography, The Fall was infamously recorded on an iPad mid-tour. The album features the predominant work of bandleader Damon Albarn alone (with a short feature from Bobby Womack and several recorded conversations and radio broadcasts). More than enough criticism has been directed at the record for […]Read More

Album Review: Shifting Distance // Kinbote

Decades after the internet first threatened the music industry, the digital production process has transformed into a democracy of increased affordability and open sharing. As anyone with a social media account can attest, it can be an overwhelming experience to be inundated with this new breed of creative- the MacBook musician. However, this enlarged access […]Read More

Album Review: KiCk i// Arca

Over the past decade, Alejandra Ghersi, better known as Arca has been a driving force behind some of the most genre-bending albums of the modern music scene, collaborating with the likes of Björk, FKA Twigs, and even Kanye West. A unique voice within the electronic music world, Arca can always be relied on to infuse […]Read More

Live Review: Young Fathers \\ The O2 Academy Brixton

Still fresh off the release of their third studio album, Cocoa Sugar, Edinburgh heroes Young Fathers took to the stage for their last show of the year and tour finale at the imposing O2 Academy Brixton venue, where they commanded a sold-out show in tremendous style. Supported by Petite Noir, the band drummed the crowd up into a stifling frenzy, […]Read More

Track Review: Trap Door // Seprona

Seprona are a Liverpool-based indie quartet with a very enticing, professional sound. They have played alongside bands such as The Vaccines and The Flaming Lips and are finding growing success with their fresh, invigorating sound. The contrast between the bright and pulsating band and the moody, Alex Turner-esque vocals contribute towards an interesting sound that captivates […]Read More

Single Review: The Turd You Deserve // Luke Gambling

From the upfront title to blunt and accusative lyrics, sung with an unaffected accent, it is quite natural to liken Gambling’s style to that of Brit Pop bands such as Blur. The song has a simplistic, yet effective structure, telling its story in a style that harkens back to classic ballads and folk songs. The lyrics […]Read More

Album Review: What Went Down // Foals

The highly anticipated Foals album, What Went Down, came out yesterday, on 28th August to highly expectant fans. After teasing us with a few thematically enigmatic singles, including ‘What Went Down,’ the very heavy and intense title track, chants of “dark and heavy, dark and heavy” from fans, and descriptions of the album from insiders which […]Read More

Single Review: Bile // Bête Noire

Bête Noire is a London-based rock band. Their single, ‘Bile’ is whacky and a great insight into their intensely lugubrious sound. The word ‘bile’ already insinuates something deliciously disgusting and grotesque. Enter the achingly sinister intro, delving into an almost Hallween-esque soundscape. A whiny, nasal voice enters, contrasting the spookiness with repetitive nursery rhyme melodic structures, chanted […]Read More

Single Review: Ursa Court // Twin

Twin is a Brighton-based indie rock band. Their single, ‘Ursa Court,’ released only a couple of weeks ago on Youtube, is an exciting presentation of their sound. The drums propel the song straight from the start, while the husky lead singer sings wonderfully clever melodic lines as the song develops increasing excitement, until the build up to the […]Read More

EP Review: Future Visons // Favela

Favela is a 22 year old Leeds-based producer and released his EP Future Visions on Soundcloud about two months ago. With no prior listening to his music, one might infer, from the names, an electronic-based, ambient, futuristic sound or at the very least, something with a bit of sweet ‘flava’ (worst pun ever I know don’t […]Read More

Single Review: Can’t You See // Shallows

Shallows are a four piece indie/post-punk band hailing from Birmingham, and their single ‘Can’t You See’ is a great manifestation of their sound. It consists of two contrasting riffs that battle for excitement throughout, and honest , emotive vocals, co-operating to transmute pure energy. Passion and frustration are well encapsulated in this energetic escapade. The energy is […]Read More

EP Review: Caught Up In The Wrong Crowd // The

The 48ks are a 5-piece Rock/Indie band from Doncaster, who have been described as “The greatest indie band Doncaster has every produced.” Their last EP, Caught Up In The Wrong was released a few months ago and is available to listen to on their SoundCloud. The title of the EP connotes excitement tinged with dark […]Read More