‘Barb and Star Go To Vista Del Mar’ – Silly

Culottes (noun) women’s knee-length trousers; a lifesaver for the buoyant Barb and Star… Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar is a pastel action pastiche and an absolute riot from start to finish. The film begins like a scene from The Florida Project as a palette of pale candy colours fill the screen, only […]Read More

Liverpool’s Free Theatre: Making The Arts Accessible

The pleasure of a trip to the theatre, with its limited tickets and overpriced ice-creams, is often an expensive hobby that leaves working-class communities behind. This exclusivity is not helped by the fact that, over the last decade, the arts have been consistently neglected on a national level. From creative arts subjects being culled in […]Read More

Chicken Run 2: two decades on, ageism still rules the

It seems that it is not only Hollywood that is obsessed with younger, newer, shinier. The battle against ageism is alive and well in the British film industry, as Julia Sawalha shared on Twitter last weekend. The actress, 51, will be recast as Ginger in the upcoming Aardman-Netflix Chicken Run sequel because her voice, familiar […]Read More