Introducing: The Rubberbandits

Hometown: Limerick, IrelandListen to: ‘Bertie Ahern’ & ‘Waiting’ If you’ve just gasped at the thought of an ‘Introducing’ article to cover a duo that have been releasing music for more than a decade, bear with. Yes, The Rubberbandits may have been kicking around for what feels like forever, but for the past few years it’s […]Read More

Heading Back Into No-Man’s-Land: Does 1917 Still Work On A

Remember last Christmas? That’s Christmas 2019, not the godawful Emilia Clarke/George Michael tie-up literally nobody asked for. Well, last Christmas, director Sam Mendes released 1917, a film seemingly purpose-built to fill yards of column inches and storm into first place on the list of ‘your dad’s favourite war films’. It’s now Summer 2020 and 1917 […]Read More