Hancock Scrapping PHE is Cowardly, But it Might Just Save

The government’s scrapping of Public Health England (PHE) and its plans to establish the New Institute for Health Protection (NIHP) in its wake, has been a prime example of how politics and public health can corrupt one another when intertwined. Moreover, the appointment of the interim head of the NIHP, Baroness Dido Harding, has yet […]Read More

TV Review: ‘Once Upon A Time In Iraq’ Highlights The

First aired on July 13th on BBC2 (and now available on BBC iPlayer), Once Upon a Time in Iraq covers a great deal in its five episodes, delving deep into the chaotic quagmire of the Iraq War. Beginning with the horror of 9/11, which provided the catalyst for the swift invasion and toppling of Saddam […]Read More

Keeping Up With the Coronavirus: The Second Wave

By now, everyone has heard the foreshadowing of the ominous second wave of COVID-19. Banded around by politicians, journalists, and everyday people alike, it is feared more than the initial wave. Not necessarily because we know it’s definitely coming, but because we don’t know when. No one wishes to live through a national lockdown for […]Read More

The UK Must Lead The Fight Against The CCP’s Genocide

At the site of Treblinka extermination camp in Eastern Poland, where nearly a million Jews were brutally murdered by the Nazis in a single year (1942-1943), there lies a small memorial plaque. On the plaque there are two words, represented in multiple languages: ‘Never Again’. These two simple words have come to enshrine the unequivocal […]Read More

TV Review: In ‘The Rise Of The Murdoch Dynasty’, The

Rupert Murdoch is a man that everyone should know well. After all, he has single-handedly controlled the swing of the political pendulum since the premiership of Margaret Thatcher. The Australian media mogul started out inheriting just one newspaper in Adelaide, but rose to control the Sun, the Times, Fox News, Sky, the New York Post, […]Read More

Album Review: On Sunset // Paul Weller

Every artist’s career is a journey of progression. From the music that brought them their first notoriety, they will experiment with sounds and musical textures, until years later they are producing work that no one would have expected. Such is the journey of Paul Weller, The Modfather. At 62, his career has outlasted those of […]Read More

Best of the Modfather: The Top 5 Paul Weller Lyrics

William Cooper rounds up the top five lyrics from The Modfather, Paul Weller. Paul Weller, A.K.A, The Modfather, is one of the most talented lyricists and musicians to have ever lived. His seemingly effortless capability to combine words and phrases, and to balance the power of music and lyrics against each other so one doesn’t […]Read More

A Look Into Michael Gove’s Rather Controversial Bookcase

Senior politician comes under intense scrutiny after being found to own a book written by a Holocaust denier. The recent photo making its rounds on Twitter of Michael Gove’s bookcase has sparked widespread anger surrounding its contents, and questions have arisen as to whether senior politicians should own certain books. It has also re-opened a […]Read More

COVID-19 and the Defence of the Working-Class

How COVID-19 is changing the social class structure and the recognition of “low-skilled” labour. COVID-19 has altered many things in the UK that were thought to be steadfast. From national supply chains, to the NHS itself, the pandemic has questioned many things and demonstrated that we are not as resistant to crises as we naively […]Read More