Behind the Demon’s Door – The Demon’s Souls Remake’s Hidden Door Has Finally Been Opened

Since its release, the Demon’s Souls remake on the Playstation 5 has been garnering critical acclaim, introducing new players to an underrated classic and providing veterans with polished visuals and quality of life changes that only enhance the experience. However, one thing that has kept the player base perplexed has been a mysterious door hidden behind an illusory wall that was not in the original game. With the discovery of the door, the race was on to see who could open it up first and pillage the item that lay behind it. Now that time has come.


Bluepoint, the developers behind the remake and picking up FromSoftware’s mantle, are no strangers to adding new features and Easter Eggs into the games they work on. Previous to their work on Demon’s Souls, they developed the gorgeous Shadow of The Colossus remake for the PlayStation 4, which featured its own unique and powerful blade for players to find. However, they didn’t make it an easy task. They hid the sword behind a door that required 79 coins to open, all hidden throughout the vast and sprawling world. So, when notable Souls content creators such as VaatiVidya and Distortion2 started finding new sets of ceramic coins around the world, it begged the questions: how many of these coins do we need, and what do we do with them?


So what was behind the door? Well, after collecting 30 of the ceramic coins, Distortion2 decided to trade them with Sparkly the Crow in the Shrine of Storms area of the game. In return, the unseen crow provided him with a rusted key. A simple item with great potential. Realising this was the item he had been searching for, Distortion raced back to the door and upon its opening, walked slowly toward the item that lay waiting for him. The tension mounting, the stage set, the item so tantalisingly close…


…I’ve left you in suspense for long enough. The item itself was, in fact, a complete armour set. The helmet, body, leggings and gauntlets of The Penetrator, a notoriously difficult boss found in the later stages of Boletaria, the game’s first world. The Penetrator’s design is one of the best in the game, and the armour set one that had been coveted by the player base for a long time. Now, after 11 years since the game’s original release on the PS3, players can finally cosplay as this incredible boss and bask in the newly refreshed intricate design.


While I’m sure many were expecting perhaps a god-like weapon, or maybe something that would allude to the ever-growing talk of DLC that players would like to see added to the game using the broken sixth Archstone in The Nexus (which is very unlikely but still I live in hope), this is still a fantastic prize indeed. The Demon’s Souls remake continues to impress and Bluepoint have once again knocked it out of the park with their attention to detail and little additions that make the experience wholly unique. Moreover, it did what the Souls series does best. It brings gamers together and gets us to collaborate against puzzles and adversity for a wonderful prize.

Words by Jack Roberts

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