Best of Art Basel 2016


Since 1970 Art Basel has been a hub for contemporary and modern art, bringing together museum directors, curators and a growing international audience of art enthusiasts. Now, over 40 years later, the fair has expanded, taking place three times annually in Basel, Hong Kong and Miami Beach. The 47th edition of Art Basel kicked off with a private vernissage on June 15th, followed by a public viewing from the 16th – 19th. The show was one of the most successful to date, featuring stands from over 287 galleries and displaying the works of over 4,000 up and coming artists and modern masters.

Here are some of the highlights from Art Basel 2016:

The Collector’s House, 2016

Belgian artist Hans Op de Beeck’s monumental, immersive installation invites the viewer to enter a fictional space where all is frozen in time. The neoclassical reproduction of a private room includes a grand piano, art library and figures evocative of a collector’s home. The monochromatic space is sculpted entirely of plaster and conveys a sense of mystery as the viewer is transported to a single moment in time where each movement is suspended and quietness lingers.

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