The Best Fleetwood Mac Songs You’ve (Probably) Never Heard

Dreams is just the tip of the iceberg


Let’s get one thing straight; you do not get to say that you love Fleetwood Mac because you like ‘Dreams’ and ‘Landslide’or because you saw Stevie Nicks on American Horror Story that time and you thought you’d listen to ‘Rhiannon’ and ‘Seven Wonders’. Just, no! Rumours is a great album, possibly one of the best albums ever made, but as with any band, you really have to go digging in order to find their best songs. So, here are my picks for the The Best Fleetwood Mac songs that you probably haven’t heard. Also, given the sheer amount of obscure yet brilliant songs that feature on the Tusk album, I’ll only pick three from that album to save time. Go listen to Tusk and never look back because it’s fantastic.

Monday Morning – Fleetwood Mac

First up, one of the band’s first hits from their eponymous album, released after Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham joined in 1975. This is a great song that really shows off Lindsey’s songwriting and guitar playing abilities. He was a risky move for the band, and no one ever thought that he could fill the void that Peter Green left behind. But this song showed that he was every bit as good as his predecessor.

This is one of the few songs written before his relationship with Stevie Nicks started to break down, which you can tell by the upbeat nature of the song.


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